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    • About
    • Ningbo Minrong Mold Factory located in a town known as die name of Ningbo Beilun and strategic location, convenient traffic flow.

      Specializing in factory design and manufacture of molds and die casting production.

      The main provider of: the design and manufacture die-casting mold, plastic mold design and manufacturing, die casting, machining as a whole. The use of computer-aided design, through the CNC machining center, precision engraving machine and other advanced processing equipment to the design of advanced, novel structure, high precision, short cycle mold manufacturing, etc., to win the trust of the majority of users. We have a number of highly qualified technical personnel and advanced management mode and quality of services in order to import the best quality of mold, mold domestic price in the market with a clear competitive advantage.Mold include: Auto parts, communication parts, motor parts, washing machine parts, air power tools, lamp type and so on ... ...

      Factory in a "people-oriented, the pursuit of excellence, leading technology, top-notch," the purpose of the enterprise. Uphold the "Prudential to the stone to open the purple gas Dresdner East" the entrepreneurial spirit, actively seeking domestic and international customers a wide range of support and cooperation, make joint efforts to the development of social undertakings. We sincerely hope that you and the joint development, technology exchange and business cooperation.